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  • You decide the news you want to know about, we deliver it. We have a roster of top journalists all over the globe, so if you think a story needs to be covered - you tell us and help us pay for it. Global for me is for everyone - the reader, the listener, the viewer, news organisations, NGOs.
  • GRN Correspondents will also suggest story ideas

  • How does it work? Go to The Stories Page to choose your story, to suggest a story, click here

  • The story will be yours to distribute and we'll talk to you in the production process about where we can all publish the story around the world for maximum exposure. The rights stay with the reporter and are managed by us.

  • This is about getting the story out!

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'I have seen the future of serious journalism and it is Global for Me. So good I wish I had thought of it." - Paul Lashmar'

Your site turns the man on the street into the Editor who asks and gets what he wants' - Glen Segell

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