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This is where you can suggest your ideas, what would you like to see, hear or read. What's bugging you? 

Would you like to ask questions of policy makers, politicians, local authorities, even celebrities but can't get into the meetings or press conferences. What would you like to ask?

Suggest the story or theme in this forum or list a question you would like asked and donate to see it, read it or watch it.

This is your place to get right into the mix.

Together we've got to get as many people as we can to message us and donate to the story...then we'll get it made and mail it back to you...and you can publish it on your blogs or websites

Let us know if you want it in text, video or a stills format - we'll do what we can to get it done for you.

Also, if you want a story exposed and you know the facts, lets us know, we'll put a top reporter on it for you. Global Radio News Ltd, with 10 years experience, providing news to the worlds biggest broadcasts, stands behind each and every reporter. We know who they are and can verify their credibility. They produce news upholding all of the highest standards of journalism.

Please add and comment on these themes and groups...

We're thinking - arms trade, oil, migration, climate change, art/culture, elections - what do you think?

For example - This is one suggestion: "The real challenge is to get this idea off the ground, with a flow of story ideas, so I think it is important that correspondents offer a menu of story ideas that they would like to cover, and it also might help to get supporters and potential supporters to group around themes like: arms trade, oil, migration, climate change, art/culture, elections. Anonymity can be absolutely essential in reporting from a number of countries. We faced this problem when reporting from Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s.The important thing is that GRN should stand as guarantor of the integrity of the story and its writer."

You can also go to our blog pages to leave a suggestion - SUGGESTIONS HERE

To contribute to the making of a story - click here

And to make your voice heard - click here.

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